Thursday, March 11, 2010

God Has Answered Our Prayers!

As if in answer to our prayers, it rained early this morning. When there was light enough I went out to check for the sign of rain, sure enough there were puddles of water on the road. Around 8.00 AM it rained again and I was able to snap some photos to capture the scene.
After being deprived of rain for so long, this light drizzle is bliss not only to us human beings but also to plants and animals. I can see the wet leaves which seemed to be smiling after being wet by the rain. The slight drizzle has cleaned up the leaf surface of dust thus opening up it's stomata opening for easier intake of carbon dioxide from the air and the release of oxygen much needed by others. The birds are singing and chirping in joy too. They too must have felt the heat of the weather.

The falling rain cascading from my awning.

Puddles of water on the road indicating the amount of rain was quite substantial.

The overcast sky indicating that there is more to come.

The look of joy on the leaves of the mango tree.
Let us hope more rain will come as the padi field in some areas in Pasir Mas as well as some of the wells in the area. Those who depends on the well for water, life must have been hard for them. Those of us who were using piped water could sense the low water pressure and was anticipating the tap to dry up soon.
Fortunately God has answered our prayers to provide us with some relief.
Thank you Allah.

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